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I Prince Kateregga James, the Founder and Managing Director-MD of God is Rich Investment Project / GRIP MEDIA UGANDA LIMITED and GRM INTERNATIONAL-NGO. I was born in Kaliiti - Wakiso District, an impoverished Village in Central Uganda as was the situation in many other parts of the country, people lived with no hope, with disease and the fear of death, harsh economic conditions at society and at household levels with a lot of conservativeness of cultural beliefs, poor communication systems like roads, poor telephone network and no Electricity. I grew up in a miserable rural village Life; My Course of Education wasn’t so easy; it was characterized with a lot of Interruptions in School attendance like dropping out of the School due to Lack of Funds and Enough Scholastic Materials. I entered the Labor market at a very young age when I was still in Primary School doing all kinds of “Odd Jobs” trying to find a way for my education. ‘What good could come out of Kaliiti?’ one would say. Launching out into a world that hardly believes in the manifestation of God’s Power and Glory. .

Good enough, I Learnt to work and I Love to work. It is still difficult for Young Men and Women from Historically Disadvantaged Backgrounds Like that of mine, without Jesus Christ, Family Connections or Money to make their way in Business. Therefore, their only Chance might be to gain Professional Qualifications which would open the door for Secure and well paid Positions. God is Rich Investment Project /GRIP Media Uganda Ltd and GRM International-NGO is a dream comes true. God's grace and mercy coupled with faith, this fruit has been realized. To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we owe all the Praise, Glory and Honor. By the instruction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have seen the hand of God move, and now the present day GRIP Media Uganda Ltd and GRM International-NGO. There is nothing too hard for God to do. We are so very grateful. Now basing on the above Backgrounds and History, it became a driving force in me, which gave me the Confidence and Determination to Start GRM International_NGO to help Many underprivileged children in Africa who have limited opportunity for Education, Sporting activities, necessary for physical development and important in learning social and life skills. You can put to use your sporting skills and passion to change these kids’ lives and ensure a better future for them .

Raising Funds

We have been raising funds with great difficulty for the work that GRM International-NGO does in Uganda. We strive to provide many underprivileged children in Africa with clothes, food and shelter as and when we can. Generous donations by people and organizations such as yours are what help us in our endeavor to give the homeless a chance at a better life. We work in rural communities in Central Uganda and other parts and provide support to rural Community Schools. We offer scholarships through GRM-International-NGO; You can join hands with us and offer your support by sending Scholastic materials and food items that we can further send to these children in schools. Let the African Children have a bright future, Offer worth support to poor people with your contribution and help them come out from financially worst situations. You can make a Specific Contribution to the Education Scholarship Program. Donate Any Items For School Children Worth Supporting. Also please, raise substantial fund and start bringing fun in underprivileged school children’s life by offering a support to get shelter and food.

Main Objectives

(1.) To establish, maintain and man a scholarship fund with a view of granting scholarships and bursaries to the less privileged children and youth regardless of their caste, color, race, creed or sex thereof making education accessible to such persons from pre-school to tertiary level.

(2.) To extend logistical support including but not limited to; stipends and scholastic materials as well as providing medical help, clothing and food to such identified persons.

(3.) To lobby the government, NGO, corporate firms, CSO both on the local and the international scene for donations and logistical support for the identified persons.

(4.) To instigate and cultivate a human rights culture within such persons with a view of creating equality, promoting girl rights and checking the ever increasing gender based violence. And to advocate for a Boy and Girl Child Education.

(5.) To create a sense of belonging and brotherly hood within such identified persons as a way of harnessing individual and team skills development within under privileged groups. (6.) To teach the Youth and the People in rural Communities of Uganda, and make them reach their full potential through Practical Skills, Spiritual and emotional guidance.

(7.) To carry out the establishment and Building of Schools, GRM International Christian Schools These include: Primary & Senior Secondary Schools, Institutes and Vocational/Technical Training Schools.

(8.) To offer Vocational Training Skills to the Youth by equipping them with Technical and Practical Skills in Welding and Metal Fabrications, Carpentry and Joinery, and in Electrical Fittings and Power installation services.

(9.) To encourage Students’ Talents development. Not only will your donations benefit many underprivileged children in Africa, but you will also receive promotional value through our online presence (Website, Facebook Page, etc.). We hope to raise money this year to help homeless children get an education. We would appreciate if you could offer to sponsor the education of two or more children. You will be much appreciated and especially when you help the underprivileged children in Africa have a bright future.



Thank you for taking the time out to read this information. Your gift will have tremendous impact on the life of Africa Child and help him/her to have the skills, vision and motivation to change his/her life. Thank you for partnering with us to help underprivileged children in Africa. Any support will be highly appreciated by us and the kids that we provide a service to. Meanwhile, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the phone number below for a possible round-table chat anytime within your convenience.

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