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Prince James & Eve Kateregga
Profile : Prince/ James

Prince Kateregga James son of Mr. Henry Dracky Ssegamwenge Lukongwa of Kaliiti – Busiro Wakiso District and Mrs. Nakimwero Rose of Nakirama – Kasenge, is the Founder and Managining Director (MD) of God is Rich Investment Project / GRIP MEDIA UGANDA LIMITED & GRM INTERNATIONAL.

Born in Kaliiti - Wakiso District, an impoverished Village in Central Uganda as was the situation in many other parts of the country, people lived with no hope, with disease and the fear of death, harsh economic conditions at society and at household levels with a lot of conservativeness of cultural beliefs, poor communication systems like roads, poor telephone network and no Electricity. He grew up in a miserable rural village Life, his Father’s (Family) House was Bombed in the 1980’s Guerrilla Liberation War in Uganda, and all their Family Properties were destroyed.

This greatly affected Prince Kateregga James’s Family both Financially and Socially which later on resulted into Disintegration of his family. His Course of Education wasn’t so easy; it was characterized with a lot of Interruptions in School attendance like dropping out of the School due to Lack of Funds and Enough Scholastic Materials. He entered the Labor market at a very young age when he was still in Primary School doing all kinds of “Odd Jobs” trying to find a way for his education. ‘What good could come out of Kaliiti?’ one would say. Launching out into a world that hardly believes in the manifestation of God’s Power and Glory.

He is married to Mrs.Kisakye Eve Kateregga with whom they have Four Children-their son Kateregga Timothy Macdonald Junior and Three Daughters Nkiinzi Tracy Blessed, Nakayenga Gift Trixie and Nakimbugwe Trinity Josephine.

He got converted in 1993 and he accepted Our Lord JESUS CHRIST as his Lord and Savior; and later on he joined Victory Christian Centre Church Ndeeba - Kampala. He was supported by this same Church in 2003 to join Impact Fm as a Radio Presenter. Good enough, he has learnt to work and he Loves to work. It is still difficult for Young Men and Women from Historically Disadvantaged Backgrounds Like that of Prince Kateregga James, without Jesus Christ, Family Connections or Money to make their way in Business. Therefore, their only Chance might be to gain Professional Qualifications which would open the door for Secure and well paid Positions.

Prince Kateregga James Trained in Christian Studies, Electrical Installations and Fitting and in Mass Media, Specializing in Radio Broadcasting and Production. He is a Gifted Talented Man with Determination. He believes in Performance and he Continually try to look for Opportunities to Connect with and Change a Life. When you Choose to deal with him in anyway, you can be sure not frustrated, or delayed. He manages time as his best resource. Entrust him with your Time and Investment for maximum results. He is Flexible with Skills, Passions and Capabilities in Media and Broadcasting plus Production of Commercial Radio Adverts and Jingles, Recording and Editing Audio Radio/TV Programs and he Loves to work. Above all, he has Experience in Electrical Installations and Fitting/Wiring Houses; Construction and Setting up Radio Equipment in the Studios and on the Mast (Broadcasting Tower). He has worked both in the City (Kampala) and in the remote and hard to reach rural areas. For instance, he has got an Experience of over “Fifteen years” in Radio Broadcasting. He has worked with CHRISTIAN RADIO NETWORK (IMPACT FM). He started working as a Volunteer and Later on he was Promoted to work as: A Radio Presenter, Technical Control Assistant, and Station Manager, Managing one of the CRN Rural Community Upcountry Radio Stations 101.5 FM in Masaka district.

He has conducted a number of Open Air Crusades, Seminars and Night Prayer Rallies together with Colleagues, Pastor Robert Kintu, Patrick Lubuulwa, Pastor David Mukisa and Pastor Brian Mike Migadde in remote rural poverty stricken areas where majority of the general population is based in Uganda. Together, they established GRM INTERNATIONAL (GOD IS RICH MINISTRIES INT’L) & Mukutulanjegere Prayer Campaign Ministry.

Eve Kateregga


Mrs.Eve Kisakye Kateregga was born and raised in a Christian family in Mpenja – Gomba District, Uganda. She met her husband Prince Kateregga James while she was in her final year at Mengo School of Nursing and Midwifery. Their love blossomed and they got married in 2008. In 2009 God enabled her and her husband to establish Twesiga Mukama Communinity Health Clinic at Kasenge Village in Wakiso District.

She has travelled around the Country ministering the Gospel of hope to the broken hearted. Mrs.Kisakye Eve Kateregga is the Medical Officer in Charge of Twesiga Mukama Community Health Clinic. She is also working as a Registered Nurse at Mengo Hospital one of the biggest missionary hospitals in Uganda.

God has called Mrs.Kisakye Eve Kateregga to specifically minister to the MARRIEDS and Children in need. She is also one of the Founding Directors of God is Rich Investment Project /GRIP MEDIA UGANDA LIMITED and GRM INTERNATIONAL-NGO. She is very hard working and creative business lady.

Mrs.Kisakye Eve Kateregga and her husband reside in Lugala – Lubya zone, Uganda. God has blessed them with Four wonderful children.

Wonderful Children to the Couple (Mr. & Mrs. Kateregga)

Baby : Trinity

Trinity Josephine, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kateregga

Baby : Gift

Trixie Gift, a daughter to Mr. Mrs. Kateregga

Baby : Tracy

Tracy Blessed, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kateregga

Baby : Timothy

Timothy McDonald, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Kateregga.


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Other Works

He has also worked with “Masstech Uganda Company Limited” as a Technician, Office Superintendent & Marketeer. He also has Experience in Driving Automatic Cars. And Presently he is working with “SALT MEDIA” the owners of Salt FM Radios and Salt Television as a “Producer/Production Assistant” in the Production Department, Voicing, Recording and Editing Audio Radio/TV Programs.