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GRM International (God is Rich Ministries International) is a Charitable / Non-government / Not-for profit Entity established under the laws of Uganda to provide voluntary services like Religious, Health, Education, Social and Charitable services to community; and to create a community where every vulnerable child and youth has access to quality education, health services, shelter, clothing, adult supervision, guidance and a sense of belonging. And to restore hope among less privileged children and vulnerable youth through empowering and encouraging communities to respond and provide for their basic social needs.

The Vision: Is to “Take a Strong Hold to Inform, Educate and to create a society in which every person is celebrated as a unique and valued creation of God, and is encouraged to fulfill his or her full potential in Uganda”. And to become a Society of assertiveness and excellence in Uganda through Talent development, Academic Supporting, Guidance giving, and Fight for the rights of People in rural Communities, and Uplifting their Standard of Living in Uganda.

The Mission: GRM Intrenational is devoted to developing human potential. “Our mission is to help and promote the dignity and worth of the thousands of people in remote hard to reach rural areas through empowering them to optimize their potentials, by creating innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve their lives, access all available services and opportunities and be able to address their day to day challenges of reduced income, food and health through Practical Skills and Information. We motivate and encourage others to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment. Hence develop positive economic, social, cost-effective means and spiritual growth in the society, to access the tremendous growth opportunities and engage in the battle of eradicating Poverty and Unemployment in Uganda”.

How you can be part of GRM International (God is Rich Ministries) ...

GRM International (God is Rich Ministries International) is currently seeking Technical and financial partners in order to further its objectives and implement planned charitable activities.
If you're interested in supporting or partnering with GRM International (God is Rich Ministries International) please feel free to contact the organization directly at the address above


Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd, plot 16 Kampala Road, P.O.Box 2971 Kampala.

Account Name in USD $: Grip Media Uganda- Limited
Account Number: 6005833777

Account Name in British Pounds UK £: GRM International Limited
Account Number: 6005833386
IBAN: GB37BARC20325320763284

Our Objectives

  • (1.1) To establish, maintain and man a scholarship fund with a view of granting scholarships and bursaries to the less privileged children and youth regardless of their caste, color, race, creed or sex thereof making education accessible to such persons from pre-school to tertiary level.
  • (1.2) To extend logistical support including but not limited to; stipends and scholastic materials as well as providing medical help, clothing and food to such identified persons.
  • (1.3) To lobby the government, NGO, corporate firms, CSO both on the local and the international scene for donations and logistical support for the identified persons.
  • (1.4) To Develop community outreach events; to lead the research and project development, organize outreach programs and empower volunteers to rise up and serve.
  • (1.5) To improve women's lives by ending rape and domestic violence.
  • (1.6) To provide the community health services focused on the needs of the community, such as mobile screening for diseases and symptoms of diseases.
  • (1.7) To provide patient transport services to and from public medical centres where necessary to enable patients to access healthcare.
  • (1.8) To help bring out different aspects of the church’s work and actively sharing faith with those who don’t know Christ.
  • (1.9) To undertake the building, Construction and the establishment of Churches; through GRM International (God is Rich Ministries International).
  • (1.10) To provide Ongoing Evangelism Training in different areas such as: Conversational skills; Listening to the Holy Spirit; Listening for Spiritual Thirst and Evangelism in Relationships; Building authentic relationship with lost people and to be involved in every facet of the life of the believer.
  • (1.11) To run courses that allow people to investigate Christianity and allow a safe place for people to ask their questions aimed at life skills which helps a person see the relevancy of the Christian life.
  • (1.12) To proclaim the Gospel throughout the world and make disciples of all kinds of people (Mat.28:19-20; Mark 16:15).
  • (1.13) To serve as a community of worship and fellowship; to manifest the presence and love of Jesus. “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” (Mat.18:20).
  • (1.14) To mature believers and prepare them to perform works of ministry. “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelist, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ…” (Eph.4:11-12).
  • (1.15) To represent the interests of the Kingdom of God in the world, and to influence our society with the ideas of the Lord. “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Mat.5:13-14).
  • (1.16) To advocate for Salvation; helping the Youth and the People in Rural Communities of Uganda to be strong in Faith.
  • (1.17) To Set up a Good and Modern Public Address System (Grip Sound) and Cameras, Projectors for Evangelism Missions and a Modern Mobile/Potable Stage or Platform for Outside Seminars, Crusades and Night Prayer Rallies; and Tracks for Transporting the same.
  • (1.18) To unite people to work together to solve social problems and make the world a better place.
  • (1.19) To Oversee the hospitality ministries for first time guests, play a role in: Creating community; allowing space for faith discover and ministering to a person during journey to Christ.
  • (1.20) To Develop the system of next steps; helping a newcomer connect with the church and to organize and manage this process.
  • (1.21) To instigate and cultivate a human rights culture within such persons with a view of creating equality, promoting girl rights and checking the ever increasing gender based violence. And to advocate for a Boy and Girl Child Education.
  • (1.22) To create a sense of belonging and brotherly hood within such identified persons as a way of harnessing individual and team skills development within under privileged groups.
  • (1.23) To create an enabling environment for promotion of young people’s rights to reproductive health information and services as well as advocating for access to social economic empowerment for such persons.
  • (1.24) To find Solutions to the Communications System that deals with Transmission of Information that remains a major problem affecting Ugandans especially in rural areas where there is limited access to electricity, telephones network, radios and television stations or none at all in some Districts, Towns and Villages.
  • (1.25) To be part of the Digital Migration, the switch from an analogue broadcasting system to a digital broadcasting system; to bridge the so-called 'digital divide' (the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology, and those with very limited access or none at all). Many local Ugandans especially those in remote districts remain unaware of it and are therefore left out unaware of government programs aimed at eradicating poverty and good health care.
  • (1.26) To carry out the establishment of FM Radios, Television and Telecommunications Stations; (Grip Media Christian Broadcasting Network – GMCBN FM Radio Stations & Grip Television Network - GTN and Grip Telecom Limited - GTL). The overall objective of GRM International is to transform the life of the Youth and the rural community in accordance to the doctrines of the Christian faith, outreach to Christians and Non-Christians in local communities who are living in isolated areas through evangelization. And to aim at reaching to people who have no existing churches, where their only way of hearing the word of God is through the Media.
  • (1.27) To build a net work of well-trained youth who will, through joint efforts, continue to implement current visions and build the foundation for liberated future generations once current forms of control and marginalization are identified and alienated.
  • (1.28) To train care givers in care giving skills to enable these People in Community poverty stricken areas get adequate care, love and support.
  • (1.29) To undertake the Training of Youth Media Skills; establishment of self help Projects, Training of the Youth and the rural Community of Uganda in different Technical and Practical Skills promoting exchange of Information with in the Company and other Companies which are Professional and having similar objectives, transform lives of Youth infected with HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, Chorela, Cancer and Hepatitis hence fighting all kinds of immoralities, empowering and strengthening the voice of people concerning their rights in the community and helping them become self reliant on it, to fight poverty in the community at large. The ultimate goal of the Company is to offer unique model of Technical and Practical Skills to the Youth in the Community. Educating 50% of the Orphans and Vulnarable Children at large.
  • (1.30) To improve the quality of life for the people in Community poverty stricken areas where majority of the general population is based in Uganda by teaching them new business ideas and implement them.
  • (1.31) To educate young people in matters of sex and contraception and to develop amongst them a sense of responsibility in regard to sexual behaviour with the aim of preventing and mitigating of the suffering caused by unwanted pregnancy.
  • (1.32) To preserve and protect the good health both mental and physical of parents, young people and children and to prevent the financial hardship, caused by unwanted conception;
  • (1.33) To educate the public in the field of procreation, contraception, and health with particular reference to personal responsibility in sexual relationships and to the consequences of population growth;
  • (1.34) To give medical advice and assistance in cases of involuntary sterility or of difficulties connected with the marriage relationship or sexual problems for which medical advice or treatment is appropriate.
  • (1.35) To carry on the business of healthcare services, engage in Building Hospitals, developing Twesiga Mukama Community Health Clinic by Building GRM International Medical Centres / GRM International Hospitals, GRM International Pharmacy, Grip Hospitals / Twesiga Mukama Hospitals and opening up branches in different Parts of the Country.
  • (1.36) To provide the Youth and the People in rural Communities of Uganda Education in areas such as; Hygiene and Health (including Cholera, Ebola virus, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria), Family Planning, Moral Values and World News;
  • (1.37) To undertake the training and Supply of Nurses and Medical Attendants.
  • (1.38) To promote education and research in the subject of fertility and pregnancy and the termination of pregnancy and into its effects on women, whether physical, medical, psychological or social; to provide advice treatment and assistance for women who are suffering from any physical or mental illness or distress as a result of fertility or infertility.
  • (1.39) To provide the community education campaigns on matters pertaining to development, education, family planning and health.
  • (1.40) To offer Guidance and Counselling (Sensitization) to the Youth and the People in rural Communities of Uganda about HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, Chorela, Cancer and Hepatitis.
  • (1.40) To offer Guidance and Counselling (Sensitization) to the Youth and the People in rural Communities of Uganda about HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, Chorela, Cancer and Hepatitis.
  • (1.41) To advocate for Peace and Reconciliation. Hence Promotion of Community Unity;
  • (1.42) To undertake the Supply of Medical Products, supply and provide advanced surgical tools and supplies, sutures and wound care products, needles and syringes, SharpSafety and clinical care products, and dosage pharmaceuticals and other devices or products of a surgical, pharmaceutical or medical character necessary or suitable for the proper treatment of sick or injured persons or patients and to promote first aid appliances, medical and surgical accessories, hospital fittings and requisites, and in all accessories and supplies required for use in the treatment and care of the sick and injured, and deal in all articles, goods, wares, materials and substances, and to construct, own, operate, manage, furnish and equip with all necessary conveniences, furniture and equipment hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes, crèches, hydropathic establishments and similar healthcare undertakings, with all suitable accommodation for the treatment and care of patients, and to do all things usually dealt in by persons carrying on the above mentioned businesses or any of them or likely to be required in connection with any of the said businesses.
  • (1.43) To Create and Search for Jobs for Qualified and Non-Qualified Youth who wish to work in different Professions.
  • (1.44) To carry on the establishment of Grip Community Development Network/Opportunity Finance Network. Give Soft Loans to our members and Youth groups who are going to start up Income Generating Activities and to provide grants, and in some cases loan financing at more affordable rate to NGOs, CBOs, and private organizations, in support of their goals and objectives.
  • (1.45) To lend money to and guarantee the performance of the contracts or obligations of any company, firm or person, and the repayment of the capital and principal of interest or premiums payable on, any stock and securities of any company, whether having objects similar to those of this Company or not, and to give all kinds of indemnities.
  • (1.46) To acquire from any Sovereign State, Authority or any concessions, decrees, grants, donations, gifts, sponsorship, rights, power, and privilages whatsoever which may seem to the Company capable of being turned to account and to work, develop, carry out, turn to account and exercise the same.
  • (1.47) To borrow or secure the payment of money in such manner as the Company shall think fit, either perpetual or terminable and either redeemable or otherwise and to secure the repayment of any money borrowed, raised or owing by trust deed, mortgage, charge, or lien upon the whole or any part of the Company’s property or assets (whether present or future) including its uncalled capital, and also by a similar trust deed, mortgage, charge or lien to secure and guarantee the performance by the Company of any obligation or liability it may undertake.
  • (1.48) To carry on the establishment of Grip Foundation / GRM International Foundation; - Giving Support to Needy Families, Women, Children (Orphans) and Elderly
  • (1.49) To enter into partnership with any person or persons or Company carrying on or about to carry on any business which this Company is authorized to carry on or any business capable of being conducted so as directly or indirectly to benefit this Company, and to acquire or join in acquiring any such business.
  • (1.50) To promote the Manufacturing and Production of “Spring of Life Natural Living Water / Juice”.
  • (1.51) To teach the Youth and the People in rural Communities of Uganda, and make them reach their full potential through Practical Skills, Spiritual and emotional guidance.
  • (1.52) To carry out the establishment and Building of Schools, GRM International Christian Schools (Grip Christian Schools); Arise and Shine Christian Primary & Senior Secondary Schools, Institutes and Vocational/Technical Training Schools, Isaiah 60:
  • (1.53) To offer Vocational Training Skills to the Youth by equipping them with Technical and Practical Skills in Welding and Metal Fabrications, Carpentry and Joinery, and in Electrical Fittings and Power installation services (Wiring Houses). And to carry on all or any business related to Welding and Metal Fabrication of Metal Doors, Windows, Gates, Metal Grills, Shade-Balconies, Sign-Posts, and Decker Beds for Schools, Decorations and Wedding Cake Stands, and all kinds of Welding Repairs.
  • (1.54) To offer Services in Electrical Fittings and Power Installation Services (Wiring Houses)
  • (1.55) To engage in Fabrication of Masts/Broadcast Towers of different sizes and heights plus General Construction of Mast on Site;
  • (1.56) To promote all or any business related to Carpentry and Joinery (all types of furniture)
  • (1.57) To encourage Local Artists to develop their Musical Talents;
  • (1.58) To offer Services to Individuals, Homes, Companies, Schools, Radio/TV Stations, Hospitals, Churches etc., from different parts of the Country.
  • (1.59) To engage in Sensitizing the Youth and the People in rural Communities of Uganda against Drug addiction, Immorality and Sex abuse
  • (1.60) To engage in advocating for Saving Culture as one of the Principles of Prosperity.
  • (1.61) To promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kasenge, Wakiso District and the surrounding area the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances or for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life of the said inhabitants. And to carry on the establishment of Recreation Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Beaches etc.
  • (1.62) To promote all or any business related to Civil Engineering, building & Construction, Building Materials and to work as builders and Contractors. (Real-Estates, Apartments and Rental Houses, “GOD IS RICH COMPLEX”
  • (1.63) To construct, erect and maintain buildings, houses, flats, shops and all other works, erections, and things of any description whatsoever either upon the lands acquired by the Company or upon other lands and to hold, retain as investments or to sell, let, alienate, mortgage, charge or deal with all or any of the same and generally to alter, develop and improve the lands and other property of the Company.
  • (1.64) To carry on the establishment of Printing and Publishing Press.
  • (1.65) To promote all or any business related to Farming produce e.g. Foods and Fruits etc.
  • (1.66) To promote all or any business related to Oil and Gas Products,
  • (1.67) To promote all or any business related to Water resources e.g. Fish, Mukene (Small Oily Silver Fish) etc.
  • (1.68) To invest in or purchase or otherwise acquire milehold, leasehold and freehold lands of more than One Hundred Thousand (100,000) hectares in different parts of the Country to be used for:- Training Schools, Ministry (Church establishments), Agriculture i.e. Farming, Laying Cattles, Goats, and Keeping Birds (Poultry), Industries, Factories, Hospitals etc.
  • (1.69) To carry on the establishment of Grip World Ventures Dream Trips (Tourism).
  • (1.70) To acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business, good-will and assets of any person, firm or company carrying on or proposing to carry on any of the businesses which this Company is authorised to carry on, and as part of the consideration for such acquisition to undertake all or any of the liabilities of such person, firm or company, or to acquire an interest in, amalgamate with, or for co-operation, or for limiting competition or for mutual assistance with any such person, firm or company and to give or accept by way of consideration for any of the acts or things aforesaid or property acquired, any debentures, debenture stock or securities that may be agreed upon, and to hold and retain or sell, mortgage or debentures, debenture stock or securities so received.
  • (1.71) To promote any other business or businesses of a similar nature or any business or businesses which may in opinion of the Directors be conveniently carried on by the Company in conjunction with the above mentioned businesses, or objects, or any of them, or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of, or render profitable any of the Company’s property or rights.
  • (1.72) To act as agents, brokers or trustees, and to enter into such arrangements (whether by way of amalgamation, partnership, union of interests, co-operation, joint venture or otherwise) with other persons or companies as may seem to the Board of Directors to advance the interests of the Company and to vest any property of the Company in any person or Company on behalf of the Company and with or without any Declaration of trust in favour of the Company.
  • (1.73) To enter into partnership or union of interests, co-operation, joint venture, reciprocal concession or otherwise with any person or company carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on or engage in any business or transaction which the Company is authorised to carry on or engage in or any business or transaction capable of being conducted so as directly to benefit this Company.
  • (1.74) To do all or any of the above things in any part of the world and as principals, agents, contractors, trustees, or otherwise, and by or through trustees, agents or otherwise and either alone or in conjunction with others.
  • (1.75) To provide for the welfare of persons in the employment of or holding office under or formerly in the employment of or holding office under the Company including Directors and ex-Directors of the Company and the wives, widows and families, dependants or connections of such persons by grants of money, pensions or other payments and by forming and contributing to pension, provident or benefit funds or co-partnership schemes for the benefit of such persons and to form, subscribe to or otherwise aid charitable, benevolent, religious, scientific, national or other institutions, exhibitions or objects which shall have any moral or other claims to support or aid by the Company by reason of the locality of its operation or otherwise.
  • (1.76) To make gifts or grant bonuses to the Directors or any other persons who are or have been in the employment of the Company including substitute and alternate directors.
  • (1.77) To affiliate and maintain contact with any institution both a local, regional and international with similar objects that may benefit the organisation.
  • (1.78) To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


  1. To teach the people of God how to possess riches, Blessings and Honor especially in those remote rural poverty stricken areas where majority of the general population is based in Uganda.
  2. To teach Business ideas and creating opportunity of Lifestyle Change and the rural community trained to a standard where they are able to establish and maintain their own income generating activity.
  3. GRM International is committed at alleviating poverty and unemployment on the Continent of Africa! And again creating effective environment to Servants of God (Pastors/Ministers) in remote areas by giving them a Platform to Preach the Word of God (Gospel) using the Media.
  4. Additionally, through GRM International we want to promote empowerment of rural Community people in various areas affecting humanity. In everything we do, we seek to achieve the things that promote the empowerment of rural Community in Uganda.


  • (i) Stewardship: “GRM International believes in God to protect the dignity of everybody to exploit the Earthy goods in accordance with God’s Law and individual order”.
  • (ii) Equality for all: “God made all people equal; our Company is committed to a development process that promotes equality”.
  • (iii) About People: “GRM International sees the good in people, and tries to develop those qualities."
  • (iv) Rights and dignity for all: “GRM International believes in and strives to uphold the Rights and dignity of all people especially the Youth and the people in remote hard to reach rural areas of Uganda”.
  • (v) About Management of GRM International: "Everything will turn out alright if we just keep in motion, forever moving forward".
  • (vi) Institutional partnership in development: “GRM International welcomes and respects ongoing International initiatives and national policies to take care and give support to disadvantaged people fight poverty, ignorance and diseases such as Malaria, Immunizable diseases and HIV/AIDS”.


The purpose of GRM International is to reduce the suffering of the people in remote hard to reach rural areas in Uganda, build their capacity through giving them a Positive Voice, empowering them to optimize their potentials, by creating innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve their lives, access all available services and opportunities and be able to address their day to day challenges of reduced income, food and health through information and Practical Skills. GRM International want to motivate and encourage them to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment; and simple activities to do so that they become productive in the society. “This company will reach out to all or most youth to ensure that they get correct message at this critical historical juncture. By reaching out to the youth with the right information, by re-orienting, informing, conscientising and enlightening the youth, this company will produce young carders to implement current visions and build the foundation for liberated future generations once current forms of control and marginalization are identified and alienated”. Please be Part of us, Become our Friend, Like us, share with us by sending your Comments, Views, Greeting or Regards to your Friends and Dedications or Song requests. You can also share with us words of wisdom, Inspirations, Creative ideas, Prayer Requests; Let us Pray together; Pray for us as we Pray for you, You can also share with us your Testimonies e.t.c


The Board of Directors shall be the supreme body of the Company working hand in hand with the executive committee and the elected sub committees.

The Company shall have two ways of leadership i.e.

  1. Board of Directors, these ones will be a mixture of both members and staff/employees who will be professionals in different areas e.g. Mass Communication, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Education, Metal Fabrications, Electrical Fitting and Power Installation services, Carpentry and Joinery, Theology, Guidance and Counselling and others.
  2. The Executive Committee who will be full members of the Company.
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General Function:
  • (a) This Company is irrevocable.
  • (b) The Benefits of the objects would be available to the general public irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex.
  • (c) The income and funds of the Company shall be solely utilized towards the objects of the Company and the income shall be utilized for Training Centres with prior approval.
  • (d) All the activities and functions of the Company shall be utilized only towards charitable purpose and not for any profit motive.

What we do? See Some Of Our Activities

Building Churches, Schools and Hospitals


The Organisation though with limited resources, has managed to construct a local village clinic where people around come to seek medical assistance.


Evangelism, Guidance and Counselling


The Organisation's team of dedicated preachers currently moves around local communities spreading the gospel to the population.


Sponsorships, Talent development


Our sponsorships program has not only helped students around the area, but also improved their talents like athletics, Football etc.


Radio and Television Broadcasting


The Organisation has a proposal drafted whose main aim is to set up broadcasting media where GOD'S word and human rights can be preached.


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