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GRM International is a non-profit, non-government development organization Registered in Uganda by the National Bureau for the Non-Governmental Organizations File No. MIA/NB/2017/10/275 Charity Based and Grip Media Uganda Limited is a Legally Registered Company in Uganda limited by Share capital. It is a Private owned Company registered by the registrar of Companies Registration No.80020000413722 Committed to improving the lives of people less fortunate in Kasenge Wakiso District, Uganda, through participation and empowerment. The process of rebuilding the rural Communities of Uganda has been a slow and arduous one. The rural Community of Africa faces a lack of food and safe water, poor infrastructure and inadequate access to healthcare and education.  These factors affect rural areas disproportionately: indicators of health, including mortality rates and prevalence of disease are significantly worse in rural villages.

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Public health


The public health system in rural Wakiso District is extremely inadequate. It is neither dependable nor accessible. In Kasenge, the situation is even more severe. There is little or no health care in the region. There is scarcity of hospitals (well-equipped or otherwise), beds, investigation facilities and pharmacies. Many of the existing government sub-centers are non-functioning and inaccessible, due to the isolation of the islands and the lack of road connectivity.

As a result, communities are forced to rely on quacks, risking their lives.


GRM International-NGO has undertaken a project to construct the GRM International Medical Centre/Twesiga Mukama Clinic, a non-profit, non-sectarian healthcare facility in Kasenge which represents the first level of interface between the formal health sector and the community.

 It will be staffed by medical professionals to provide affordable, basic care to treat and triage the sick and injured.

The clinic will be comprised of a main building with six diagnosis/treatment beds, a diagnostic laboratory, a supply storage room, and a covered veranda serving as a waiting area.  A second building will contain separate living quarters for the permanent medical staff and traveling volunteers.


The clinic will be staffed by a full time clinic manager, a full time comprehensive nurse, a part-time physician or clinical officer, and additional support staff. 

We expect to see and serve 50-100 patients per day from Busiro County and other areas of the surrounding Wakiso District. During visits from healthcare professionals who are able to perform specialized services, we expect to serve 60 - 100 patients per day from this region.

The budget to build and equip the clinic is approximately $208,117 USD or £ 140,672 U.K Pounds.


The budget to operate the clinic for the first three years is approximately $57,600.  These funds will be comprised of cash contributions and in-kind donations of equipment and infrastructure by partner organizations.

As a result, the vast majority of Kasenge residents are required to travel many kilometers to reach medical care of any kind, often find those facilities unstaffed and lacking in medications, and cannot afford or access the infrequent motorized transportation to Wakiso for the health care offered there. As such, every day, people in this region suffer and sometimes die simply because they lack access to basic preventive care, medicine and emergency medical attention.

Although the Ugandan Ministry of Health (MOH) has set forth goals related to reducing maternal and child mortality, fertility, malnutrition, the burden of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and the disparities in healthcare within the country, these efforts do not seem to have reached the most needy - namely residents of rural villages in Wakiso District and the Surrounding areas.


These residents routinely suffer from communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, go without vaccinations, give birth without medical care, and lack education concerning hygiene, sanitation and family planning.  

Of particular note is the disease burden posed by inadequate sanitation.  From the Uganda MOH Health Sector Strategic Plan II:

"Over 75% of Uganda’s disease burden is considered to be preventable as it is primarily caused by poor personal and domestic hygiene and inadequate sanitation practices (failure to break the faecal-oral disease transmission routes). This vicious cycle that affects most Ugandans can be reversed, as has already been proven in several other countries, through a well-integrated and coordinated deployment of existing resources.”

The organization believes that there is no simple solution to reduce/eradicate poverty. As such, in order to overcome poverty, it is necessary to address the range of issues that poor people face on a daily basis. Tackling issues in an integrated, sustainable manner, GRM International aims at improving quality of life of most vulnerable people of the communities.



GRM International Medical Centre (Twesiga Mukama Clinic) is a Private Health Centre aimed at increasing access to quality health care services and support by needy and less privileged groups in Kasenge-Wakiso District and the neighboring areas.

The initiative to start-up a Private Health Centre started in 2009 when the Directors of GRM International-NGO and Grip Media Uganda discovered the lack and need of health facilities and equipment at Kasenge, Wakiso District. The founders were touched by the poor conditions and quality of life People in Kasenge and neighboring areas were living in and were compelled to make a difference.


GRM International Medical Centre (Twesiga Mukama Clinic) has since provided affordable quality health care services to over 4,000 people in the district and neighboring areas. It has cordial working relationships with other hospitals in the region. We envisage an empowered society where less privileged people are able to access quality healthcare services and social support leading to improved and meaningful lives. Our Mission is to become a leader and partner in improving lives of less privileged groups.  

Before its establishment in 2009 people were facing a very big challenge of limited access to quality health care and specialized services. Those who could afford would travel to Private and Government Hospitals in search of adequate health care at Mengo Hospital, Nsambya Hospital, Rubaga Hospital and Mulago Hospital in Kampala District.

Unfortunately to the poor and less privileged who couldn’t even afford the cost of transport, this meant that they would stay home with the disease until nature would take its course. We want to increase access to adequate healthcare services while those with complicated cases are referred to the Big Hospitals for specialized healthcare services.

In Uganda, with the major challenges in the healthcare system due to corruption, services are being diverted and fail to reach intended recipients. With this background, GRM International Medical Centre (Twesiga Mukama Clinic) would like to increase its support to all women and children in Kasenge – Wakiso District by providing information and offering specialized healthcare services and treatment services


We educate our village communities about the importance of household hygiene, personal hygiene, and sanitation through outreaches. We also have partnerships with local schools, encouraging children to adopt personal habits of hygiene, and to help their schools and their families adopt small sanitation measures like having ‘tippy-taps’ outside of latrines. Tippy taps are locally-constructed hand washing stations that make it easy for people to follow good hygiene practices.




To become a leader and partner in improving lives of less privileged groups and to be the leading health service providers at all levels with a cost-friendly fee to all service seekers and to develop a good doctor service provider. Patient/Client relationship as well as help the Community to develop an attitude of medical consultancy

Over All Aim

To encourage people to achieve healthy career through health education, psycho-social therapy, preventive, medical and rehabilitative management and seek for specialist views prior to a particular identified ailment for effective and efficient management.



GRM International Medical Centre (Twesiga Mukama Clinic), will be valued for its expertise in hospital management and its ability to positively impact the delivery of quality healthcare.


The philosophy and experience of GRM International Medical Centre (Twesiga Mukama Clinic) is based on the reality that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.
As a health service provider organization we have proven ourselves first class to the Community we serve, focused on the needs of the community, such as mobile screening for diseases and symptoms of diseases. And providing education in areas such as; Hygiene and Health (including Cholera, Ebola virus, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria, Family Planning etc.
During our time of service, we’ve never reported an unreasonable complaint. We have been known by the Ministry of Health for more than 5 years and we have always aspired to being a Medical Centre/Clinic and helping people deal with illness and treatment. It has never been an issue of competition, but rather a genuine desire to better the world and the quality of living.

Our Main Objectives

  • To provide the community health services focused on the needs of the community, such as mobile screening for diseases and symptoms of diseases.


  • To build, furnish, and staff a fully-functional Medical Centre in the village of Kasenge, Wakiso District by May 1, 2020. To carry on the business of healthcare services, engage in Building Hospitals, developing Twesiga Mukama Community Health Clinic by Building GRM International Medical Centres / GRM International Hospitals, GRM International Pharmacy, Grip Hospitals / Twesiga Mukama Hospitals and opening up branches in different Parts of the Country.

  • To provide the Youth and the People in rural Communities of Uganda Education and offer Guidance and Counseling (Sensitization) in areas such as; Hygiene and Health (including Cholera, Ebola virus, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria). And to provide the community education campaigns on matters pertaining to development, Education, Family Planning and Health, Moral Values and World News.


  • To educate young people in matters of sex and contraception and to develop amongst them a sense of responsibility in regard to sexual behavior with the aim of preventing and mitigating of the suffering caused by unwanted pregnancy.

  • To educate the public in the field of procreation, contraception, and health with particular reference to personal responsibility in sexual relationships and to the consequences of population growth;


  • To give medical advice and assistance in cases of involuntary sterility or of difficulties connected with the marriage relationship or sexual problems for which medical advice or treatment is appropriate.

  • To promote education and research in the subject of fertility and pregnancy and the termination of pregnancy and into its effects on women, whether physical, medical, psychological or social; to provide advice treatment and assistance for women who are suffering from any physical or mental illness or distress as a result of fertility or infertility.


  • To undertake the Supply of Medical Products, supply and provide advanced surgical tools and supplies, sutures and wound care products, needles and syringes, Sharp Safety and clinical care products, and dosage pharmaceuticals and other devices or products of a surgical, pharmaceutical or medical character necessary or suitable for the proper treatment of sick or injured persons or patients and to promote first aid appliances, medical and surgical accessories, hospital fittings and requisites, and in all accessories and supplies required for use in the treatment and care of the sick and injured, and deal in all articles, goods, wares, materials and substances, and to construct, own, operate, manage, furnish and equip with all necessary conveniences, furniture and equipment hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes, crèches, hydropathical establishments and similar healthcare undertakings, with all suitable accommodation for the treatment and care of patients, and to do all things usually dealt in by persons carrying on the above mentioned businesses or any of them or likely to be required in connection with any of the said businesses. And to undertake the training and Supply of Nurses and Medical Attendants.

  • To preserve and protect the good health both mental and physical of parents, young people and children and to prevent the financial hardship, caused by unwanted conception;


  • To have the clinic operate self-sufficiently. It will be managed by local Ugandans and supported financially through a combination of nominal patient payments. 



GRM International Medical Centre/Twesiga Mukama Clinic, will be a non-profit, non-sectarian healthcare facility in the village of Kasenge Wakiso District, Uganda. The clinic will be designated a Health Centre II facility as defined by the Uganda Ministry of Health, representing the first level of interface between the formal health sector and the community.  The clinic will provide primary medical care including triage and appropriate treatment, disease testing, inoculation, medication dispensing and education. Maternity services will be added in a second phase with the date yet to be determined.
GRM International will manage the clinic’s creation, and will employ local Ugandans to do as much of the on-site work as possible, including construction and administration. At completion, it will be staffed by local medical personnel, and managed by an on-site Clinic Manager who will report to the GRM International Board. 

Field of operation

GRM International adopts an Integrated Sustainable Development Model, which works in five main thematic areas:

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Education and Protection
  • Livelihood and Women’s Empowerment
  • Environment and Disaster Response

    Health and Nutrition

    Health programme of the organization has broadly in two components; Community health and Institutional health. It has own trained health workers who actively disseminate health information on pregnant  mother care, child health and immunization, hygienic practices, and motivate pregnant mothers for institution delivery.

    Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

    The organization has the mandate to educate people on both infrastructural and personal hygiene and prevent open defecation. Install Deep tube wells, creating safe drinking water provision and make people aware on safe water handling including collection, transportation, preservation and use. Initiatives have to be taken to sensitize people on water, sanitation and hygiene through wide community level campaign, demonstration, using IEC etc.


    GRM International and Grip Media Uganda Board of Directors is responsible for evaluating whether the objectives of the GRM International Medical Centre/Twesiga Mukama Clinic project have been met, and evaluating the impact the project is having on the people it is meant to serve.


    Each patient will be charged a nominal charge per visit consistent with the charges established at GRM International Medical Centre/Twesiga Mukama Clinic. This nominal fee will be requested primarily to ensure that the patient values the service being provided, and increases the likelihood of the patient following the recommended treatment course.  However, these fees will also be useful in defraying a portion of the clinic's operating expenses.  As stated below in the Budget section, it is estimated that it will require approximately $1,500 per month to keep the Clinic operating.  While this payment will initially be made by GRM International and Grip Media Uganda through private donations and grant funding, our goal is that it will, within three years, be financed through patient charges and a development project undertaken with GRM International and Grip Media Uganda. 


    Construction and Startup Expenses




    Land purchase


    A 3-acre parcel of Land in Kasenge village is required at a cost of $28767.  

    Construction of clinic, living quarters and latrines



    Rain water collection system


    Solar power for clinic and dormitory


    High temperature incinerator


    Bore hole well


    Clinic and dorm furnishings


    Beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, linens

    Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment



    Medical equipment and disposables


    EKG, patient monitor, BP, Oph/Oto/temp



    Initial inventory of medicines and vaccines

    Misc. travel, lodging, vehicle rental to complete construction



    Clinic Construction Manager Salary


    To be employed full-time at $500/month through the planning and construction phase, estimated at 8 months.

    Total Construction / Startup Expenses



    Monthly Personnel Expenses


    Hire Date


    Monthly Salary

    Clinic Site Operations Manager

    2 months prior to clinic opening

    Full time 


    Physician / Clinical Officer

    6 weeks prior to clinic opening; consultation prior

    Part time


    Enrolled Comprehensive Nurse

    1 month prior to clinic opening

    Full time 


    Caretaker and cook

    1 week prior to clinic opening

    Full time 


    HIV / AIDS Counselor

    1 week prior to clinic opening

    Part time



    1 week prior to clinic opening

    Part time


    Total Monthly Personnel Expenses









    Monthly Operating Expenses




    Medications / Vaccines

    Cost of medications and supplies to be partially offset by patient payment of UGX 4000  (around $1.50) per visit




    Total Monthly Operational Expenses





    In conclusion, the members of GRM International and Grip Media Uganda are dedicated to its mission to improve quality of life in Kasenge Village, Wakiso District, Uganda through access to health care and education, improvements to infrastructure and means of self-sufficiency.

    We understand the people of Kasenge Village and Busiro County are severely under-served with regard to medical care with the closest medical facility of any kind several miles away. As such, every day, people in this region suffer, and in some cases, die needlessly because they do not have access to routine, preventative health care or emergency medical attention.

    We are committed and determined to build the GRM International Medical Centres / GRM International Hospitals/ Twesiga Mukama Hospitals and GRM International Pharmacy, and opening up branches in different Parts of the Country to provide primary medical care including triage and appropriate treatment, disease testing, inoculation, medication dispensing and education with a staff will be comprised of Ugandan medical professionals. We are confident and have demonstrated expertise to raise the necessary funds to complete the project and the relationships to staff and maintain the clinic.

    With the hard work and efforts of our Team and the support of individuals and corporations we will be successful and we are hereby requesting you to Partner and Support us Financially to the next level of achieving Our Objectives.

    Thank you for your time and effort and for your consideration of our request. We will follow up with you to answer any questions you might have, as well as to learn whether we might meet with you to discuss the merits of our proposal upon which this project can be implemented. Meanwhile, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for a possible round-table chat anytime within your convenience.

    We believe that everything will be done formally and we accept full responsibility and shall be accountable for every single detail included herein this proposal and you will also receive promotional value through our online presence (Website, Facebook Page, etc.).



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